Ruchi Lal

About Ruchi Lal

Ruchi was born in Patna, educated in Bangalore and Manchester (UK) besides her hometown, is a qualified telecommunications engineer with specialization in radio frequency. But like a true Gemini she has multiple facets and her passion for literature led her to obtaining a Master's degree in english literature and eventually to writing.

Being a mother she prioritizes family before everything else, however, literature and her love for good language keep pulling her back to writing. Her endeavour is to attempt to bring good literature back to the fore, and her first attempt at the same is with this book that is aimed at children.


Radha and the Rainbow Cycle

Radha and the Rainbow Cycle

A brand new city, a brand new life. Little Radha was excited to start this new journey. But little did she know what magical adventures lay ahead of her. In their new bungalow, Radha found a dusty old cycle, which she scrubbed and cleaned till it was gleaming brightly in the sun. This new treasure of hers was rainbow colored and accompanied her everywhere every day. Along with her new friends, Radha used to go cycling and roamed around the little hamlet, helping those in need. She even made a bully have a change of heart. Her beloved town was being burglarized. Will Radha be able to save the town?

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